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Marlboro Food Emporium build-out resumes: owner

By Dave Schatz
Marlboro - Earlier this summer, on July 19, NJ Retail News caught up with Joe Doleh, the man responsible for bringing a long awaited supermarket back to the site of the former A&P in the Marlboro Shopping Center, but has unfortunately faced recent construction delays. 
Asked at that time for an update, Doleh, who owns the Food Emporium, said he was: “Waiting on the roof to be completed and closed before we can start working inside,” adding all was good, though it would likely take as long as six more months to finally open.

On August 7, Doleh said the roof should be “finished in two weeks and we’ll be starting on the interior next Monday.”

NJRN fired back: Any idea when you’ll open and do you expect any other delays?

“I don’t have a date for completion yet; I need to check with the subcontractors. I should have a better idea when they start working,” responded Doleh. “Hoping not to expect any obstacles.”

NJRN caught up with Doleh again on August 25:

Q: Can you provide…

Second floor office space for lease on Rt. 9 North at Casino Drive in Howell cannot be subdivided

'Very clean, neat, back-office space,' says owner, while tags it a 'creative loft'

Howell - Nestled upstairs, above Future Pharmacy and Medical Supply, is a 2,000 square foot office for rent in an older center on Route 9 North and Casino Drive, sometimes called 7-Eleven plaza.

The owner of the strip mall, Realtor, David Pivnick, is asking $2,250 per month for the space ($1.13/sq. ft./month), which he said is below market rent.

But he said it was not possible to subdivide the space since it only has one, single, private entrance.

"It would be almost impossible to split it up," said Pivnick.

He said it was listed on

"The address is 975 Route 9 North -- you'll see our listing," which includes pictures of the inside. It's a very clean, neat space, he noted, indicating a type of "back-office space" because it's on top of the pharmacy and the entrance is around the back of the building.

Pivnick feels the rent…